Sita and Rama

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Interplay teamed up with award winning children’s writer Mike Kenny again to produce a version of the classical Indian story of Sita and Rama. Drawing upon the rich aromas, textures, colours, imagery and music of the Indian continent, Interplay took the multi-sensory access of this production beyond previous shows.

The setting of India brought with it opportunities to explore the forgotten senses – smell, taste and touch. Performed inside the dedicated and intimate space of the dome, the air was filled with spices and aromas, food to taste and culturally specific objects of reference for enhanced tactile response.

This was our most comprehensively accessible show to date, focusing on live music, signing and movement with innovative forays into the less well stimulated realms of smell and touch. As a traditional Indian text, central to the Hindu religion, Sita and Rama was also developed for multi-cultural curricular enhancement and Diwali celebrations.

Interplay is committed to opening up classical texts across cultures to young people with learning disabilities and has a proven track record of working towards access for those with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Sita and Rama was suitable for 5+ across the learning disabilities spectrum. Our work with young people with learning disabilities has taught us that the environment of the play is an important tool for communication. In Song from the Sea we explored the natural world under the sea, in The Winter’s Tale, we journeyed through the seasons of the year, Sita and Rama was set against the background of another continent and will provide us with a different cultural perspective.


Written by Mike Kenny
Directed ny Steve Bryne
Toured schools and venues May – November 2003