Luke’s Review of Tarzanne

20 Jul 2017, Posted by Harriet Meeuwissen-True in Uncategorized

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Luke Steel and im here at interplay because i have work experience and today im going to review tarzanne

What did you think of the show?

I thought it was great and the music was like rock and roll and it sounded amazing

What was the best bit?

Seeing Ann getting ready was really cool because she was naked and now she’s not

What did you think of the music?

Its was amazing and pretty catchy

What was the set like?

the set was like a tree with logs and leafs inside the tent

Did you enjoy feeding the chimps?

The chimps didn’t come to me sadly:(

What happened in the story?

A bunch of catchers catch a wild human who is a women called ann. The people try and make ann a lady but ann is from the jungle so she wants to go home to her own family which she does in the end

How did it make you feel?


Would you recommend the show to a friend?

Yeah if you are a fan of Tarzan


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